Company History

Fresh Fruit is the gift of God. Pakistani soil is very lucky to have a very conductive climatic condition to grow fruits of different tastes, colors and nature. Barakat Al-Madina is the most fortunate company of Alaweer, Dubai (UAE), which excels in growing production, processing and exporting fresh fruits to various parts of the world.

Barakat Al-Madina are the leading exporters of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to the Central Asian States, Russian Fedration, Europe, Far East, Middle East, Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan. The specialty of Barakat Al-Madina is its trade in Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Like Kinnow, Mangoes, Potatoes, Food & Beverages, Grains, Flour & Legumes, Ghee & Vegetable Oil, Chilled & Frozen Meat.

Honesty, Hard working and sincerity are the landmark of Barakat Al-Madina.

Barakat Al-Madina was initially established in 2006 with its own Processing Unit, Packing Facility, equipped with Latest high Technology were constructed and installed at its branch office at Dubai (UAE).

Barakat Al-Madina and its sister company Barkat International by investing huge amount in millions to export fresh and standard quality fruits. This enables Barakat Al-Madina to multiply its products and exports of fresh fruits in a n easy way and in excellent conditions. Exports of Fresh Fruits of Barakat Al-Madina are increasing in leaps and bounds and in the year 2012, the exports of the only Kinnow by Barakat Al-Madina was 6800 Metric Tons.

Barakat Al-Madina has exported its fresh kinnow to Central Asian states through land routs since 5/6 years and it is the specialty of Barakat Al-Madina that its products reached in the hands of CAS Fresh and in Excellent Condition.

Barakat Al-Madina has keeps its tradition, with the increase in exports Barakat Al-Madina has also expand its structure within UAE. Unit as well as also installed a new Processing and packing Unit in Sargodha to compete the demand of Kinnow. Barakat Al-Madina are equipped with the latest production techniques, latest machinery, trained manpower and own facility of cold storage.

The research division of Barakat Al-Madina is seriously busy in producing seedless citrus so that it can compete the European citrus. Barakat Al-Madina has also expanded its network and is dealing in export of some other best quality fresh fruits and vegetable available in Pakistan e.g, Fresh Mango, Apple, Grapes, Pomegranates, Onions and Potatoes.